We know compensation research isn't easy, so we made it easy.

The People Bluebook gives individuals, agency recruiters, human resources, and procurement access to the ultimate pricing guides for compensation.

On the Go

Coming December 1, 2018

In the Office

Individuals & Recruiters
Download market reports for specific jobs
right here in our store.
Contingent and Salary reports available.

Staffing Agencies & Compensation Teams
Download market report books containing pre-selected industry titles.
Contingent and Salary reports available.
Data available from the PeopleTicker and
Signature Edition Expert Partners
right here in our store.

Human Resources & Procurement Teams
Access an entire library of jobs that pertain to your company.
Job Libraries contain hundreds to thousands of roles.
Select the countries you need, select the libraries you need.
Get contingent and salary data for every city
we have available in those countries.
Explore Libraries right here in our store.

Why People Bluebook?

People Bluebook is powered by the PeopleTicker.

The PeopleTicker is the industry leader for Contingent and Salary Market Compensation data and analytics. Servicing customers since 1999 across 16 industries in over 160 countries, the PeopleTicker is a proven solution.


The PeopleTicker adheres to the rigor of a global Data Science process that includes peer-reviewd validations by experts in local markets around the world.

Sheer Volume.

The PeopleTicker updates millions of contingent and salary searches per month.
PeopleTicker data has provided insights for retention, savings, supplier evaluation, supplier enablement, workforce modeling and more.
The PeopleTicker provides unique access to the largest and most granular data sets for the skills beging hired around the world.