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Todays competitive talent market requires access to current salary data for your specific industry roles. People Bluebook provides:

Current data
Thousands of market sources
Granular Job Titles and Descriptions
Recruiting Partner access


Over 25% of the workforce is contingent/temporary/project-based. These pay ranges are different than salaries. People Bluebook provides:

Pay Rate (what the worker earns)
Mark-up (includes statutory costs and profit)
Bill Rates (competitive market intel)
Workforce planning comparisons

The People Bluebook provides compensation professionals, recruiters, and talent management teams with the most current, specific, and cost-effective salary and contingent labor data available on the planet.

What is the People Bluebook?

Your global guide for contingent and salary compensation data.

Data Freshness and Quality


We provide the most comprehensive data across 16 industries.


Our global data covers 160 countries and thousands of cities.

"Why would you want to have people dealing with opaque information at a time when data analytics can actually say, we can do better than surveys"

John Sculley, former CEO Apple / Chairman at PeopleTicker

Data Partners

Our Data Partners are hand selected from around the world based upon industry, experience, and deep domain knowledge.
They have created our Signature Edition rate books that insure you will find candidates at their rates.

Skills Village

PeopleTicker consumes data from over 1800 sources and then we validate it. Our data science process undergoes the rigor of peer review from our network of expert validators called Skills Village.

Pre-Selected Roles by Industry experts.

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Signature Edition Books

You simply cannot find this information anywhere else in the world.
Salary surveys, job boards, and the internet are not reliable when you need to attract and retain top talent while managing a tight labor budget.
Trust the experts, PeopleTicker “Signature Edition” compensation reports provided in cooperation with our Skills Village Data Partners.

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Today’s jobs have multiple variations. A programmer is not just a programmer.
They may be a front-end developer, full -stack developer, have React skills, or Python knowledge.
Only People BlueBook is powerby by the PeopleTicker offering job titles and descriptions that are granular and accurate to meet your needs.

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Validated data directly from the PeopleTicker.

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