Frequently Asked Questions

What is the People Bluebook?

The People Bluebook is your trusted compensation resource. We provide access to compensation experts and their data.

What is a Signature Edition report?

Signature Edition reports combine the power of PeopleTicker data with the insight of local market experts.

Can I search for Job Titles?

Yes, using our Card Catalog Search. Reports containing your terms will be listed. To see all titles in a report, click on a report and scroll down to see the details area.

Why do I get a PDF and an Excel file?

While PDF files are easy to read, Excel files allow for immediate analysis and use of the data. You will find all market data in the Excel.

Can I access my reports at any time?

The easiest way is to sign up for a People Bluebook Account (located at top right and available in check out process). This is free. Your account will store all books purchased and be accessible to you at any time.

When a report is purchased an email will be sent containing a link to your purchased files. You can access your files using this link.