Frequently Asked Questions


What is the People Bluebook?

The People Bluebook is your trusted compensation resource. We provide Annual Base Salary information in markets around the world.

People Bluebook salary data is accessible. We have reports available for any budget, location, and skill set needs.

Why do I get a PDF and an Excel file?

While PDF files are easy to read, Excel files allow for immediate analysis and use of the data. You will find job descriptions in the Excel and PDF files.

What's included in my files when I buy a report?

See Sample PDF  See Sample Excel

Every People Bluebook Salary Report includes multiple roles.
For each role, we include a Job Title and a Job Description.

For the location(s) in the report, we include market base salary information for each role in the report.

This includes:

Entire market salary range for the role. Lowest paid (Demographic Level 1) to highest paid (Demographic Level 5).

Number of data points in each market level. When data is published it represents a 90 day window of the market. For example, if data was published as of 6/1 , then it shows the aggregated market data from 3/1 - 6/1.

The minimum, maximum, median, and average for each level.

The median and percentiles for entire salary range.

A legend for guidance on Demographic Level definitions.

Can I access my reports at any time?

The easiest way is to sign up for a People Bluebook Account (located at top right and available in check out process). This is free. Your account will store all Salary Reports purchased and be accessible to you at any time.

When a report is purchased an email will be sent containing a link to your purchased files. You can access your files using this link.

How often are new reports available?

Nearly every day. Check back often, or better still, sign up for our newsletter at bottom of this page to stay informed about new reports and sales.

I use Salary surveys, why should I get People Bluebook Salary Reports?

Fundamentally, People Bluebook Salary Reports are different than traditional Salary Surveys.

Traditional Salary Surveys provide information about employees that participating companies have already hired.

People Bluebook Salary Reports show you today's market price for labor. How much will it cost to hire a resource today? What is the market bearing for raises? Will you have retention issues? Use People Bluebook data to help address these issues.

Where does the salary data come from?

The People Bluebook Salary Reports are powered by the award winning PeopleTicker compensation platform.

The PeopleTicker provides market data to organizations large and small.

Market signals are collected, mapped to the PeopleTicker taxonomy, and then results are validated by human experts around the world.
Data Validators are part of a global organization called Skills Village. Validators are recruited and compensated for providing feedback to ensure market data is reflecting market truth.

Can I get market data about Hourly, Temp, Contractor pay rates, supplier markups, and supplier bill rates?

Learn more about that on our Custom Library page.