Containing entire job taxonomies by industry and country.

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Libraries provide hundreds to thousands of job roles across an industry.
Choose a library of jobs, choose a country to access.

What's Included:
  • Access to the PeopleTicker compensation management system.
  • Access to Job Titles and Job Descriptions for roles contained in the library.
  • Access to Contingent and Salary market data for every role in the library for every city available in the PeopleTicker for the country(ies) selected.
  • Access to Interactive Market Rate Cards that track fluctuations monthly
  • Access to Supplier Markup worksheets for different types of labor in dozens of countries
  • Optional Add-Ons include API Integration for your applications, Private Labor Index to provide analystics for labor program management and global benchmarking.

Sample of Job Library

Sample of Market Rate Card

Sample of Capabilities

Sample of Private Labor Index