Village Overview

Skills Village

Keeping big data honest.
Data Science needs peer review. If you have data, if you have knowledge; help us bring the best market information to the world.

To be a part of any of our Skills Village programs:
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Rate Card Validation Program:
Validators confirm or challenge market rates and salaries produced by the PeopleTicker compensation platform that have been produced for specific Industry, Job Family, Job Role and Location parameters.

Country Ambassador Program:
Skills Village members who have delivered proven results may be promoted to Country Amabassadors. The Ambassador program idnetifies key individuals within countries to serve as overseers of validators, purveyers of data sources, and points of contact for cusotmer questions about local market data.

Data Partner Program:
Our Skills Village Data Partners are hand selected from around the world based upon industry, experience, and deep domain knowledge. They have contributed to our "Signature Edition" rate books.

Recruiting Partner Program:
Skills Village Recruiting Partners are a true testament to the accuracy of Data Partner books. The Suppliers put their name on "Signature Edition" Compensation Reports and they stand by their ability to procure resources at the rates published.